Our Quality policy is at the very top of the company’s Mission Statement together with HACCP and is based on the  Codex Alimentarius guidelines.
Our Quality Team allows us to guarantee the highest safety and quality standards conforming to our clients’ requirements and most of all to the certification from independent organizations such as the BRC.
Our guarantee is the product’s Total Quality, meaning aspects such as safety, nutritional value, subjective quality, social sustainability and environmental sustainability.

Complete client satisfaction:
– High and consistent production quality
– Conformity with the agreed specifications
– Reduction in variation of the product’s key attributes
– Positive Release of goods procedure
– Flexibility in production and delivery
– Punctuality in delivery

Total client satisfaction in the company’s quality system.

Continuous improvement can only take place by having all the staff – from top management to the most recent employee – highly motivated and involved in the efforts towards quality.

Total reliability of our selection of raw materials
– Selection, audit, evaluation and validation of suppliers
– Raw materials are purchased under terms of long-term contracts only from validated suppliers
– Temperature controlled warehouse for the storage of critical raw material.
– Checks on every incoming batch of raw material including sensory controls

Conformity with legislation and Good Practice
Paying particular attention to health and hygiene standards.

Complete traceability and management of allergens
Set up for proper control and minimization of cross-contamination.

Research & Development

Quality Lab

The QL, Quality Laboratory, is committed to the continuous control of the flow of all the materials that enter the process. This starts with the ingredients and packaging materials; it goes on to the semi-finished intermediate products; it ends with the pellets and the control of the expansion of the finished products by means of frying or hot air expansion, depending on the product.
All the batches of produced pellets get re-examined after 3 days (stabilization period) in compliance with their key characteristics as agreed with the client.
QL is in charge of the application of themAnalysis Plan for all the micro-biological, chemical and toxicological tests carried out by external laboratories.
QL plays a vital role in our research and development work.


These are some of the certificates that you can find on our products. We commit ourselves every day to maintain a product of high level and to fully respect the certificates we annually renew, aiming at continuous improvement

Le Caselle

BRC Food Safety Certificate

LC America

BRC Food Safety Certificate